SyncSwap Airdrop Guide : How to Earn Free SYNC Tokens

SyncSwap is an efficient decentralized exchange (DEX) on the zkSync Era network, powered by zero-knowledge technology. It provides seamless trading with up to 100x scaling, Ethereum-level security, and lower gas costs. 

SyncSwap announced its intention to launch its own $SYNC token, the protocol’s utility and governance token.

The news has sparked significant interest among cryptocurrency enthusiasts as the token launch is often accompanied by alluring airdrops. These airdrops aim to attract a broader audience and expand the user base while also presenting an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency without an initial investment.

Looking for a SyncSwap airdrop guide to earn $SYNC tokens for free?

This guide explores the benefits of using the SyncSwap platform and equips you with the knowledge to reap the extraordinary benefits coming with its potential airdrop.

While it’s crucial to actively engage with the protocol to become eligible for the airdrop, it’s worth noting that there has been no official announcement regarding any SyncSwap airdrop for early users.

What Is SyncSwap?

Established in 2022, SyncSwap is a seamless decentralized exchange in the zkSync ecosystem. Aiming to build a one-stop-shop DeFi hub, SyncSwap allows users to trade, swap, and deposit liquidity into pools to earn trading fees with complete Ethereum security.

Powered by zero-knowledge technology, SyncSwap provides low-cost DeFi with up to 100x scaling and customizable trading fees based on market conditions and community preferences. SyncSwap’s multi-pool design enables higher capital efficiency, and the Smart Router ensures the best trade routes, all with the same security as the Ethereum mainnet.

Within days of its launch, SyncSwap had a total value locked (TVL) of $5 million, which has now escalated to around $40.76 million.

How to Receive a Potential SyncSwap Token Airdrop?

While the SyncSwap airdrop isn’t confirmed yet, interacting with the platform’s testnet may increase your chances for the airdrop. Here’s your step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Connect Your Wallet to SyncSwap

Visit the SyncSwap website, connect your wallet, and change the network to zkSync testnet.

Step 2: Request Free Testnet Tokens

In case you don’t have enough tokens to perform the testnet tasks and use them as gas fee, request Goerli testnet tokens on the portal. Small amounts of testnet tokens should be reflected in your wallet within a few seconds.

Step 3: Bridge Tokens

On the zkSync Era Portal, switch the network to Era Mainnet and use the bridge to send funds to your wallet or from another address. Once you’ve loaded your wallet, bridge the tokens to different networks using the official bridge or the Layerswap Bridge. On Layerswap, connect your wallet and bridge the tokens to the network of your choice. You can track the wallet and the tokens used in the Layerswap bridge by linking your wallet to the CoinStats Portfolio Tracker.

Step 5: Make Trades

Visit the SyncSwap Platform, click “Faucet” on the SyncSwap testnet page, and click “Request Funds” to get SyncSwap testnet tokens. Now make trades on the platform. Also, in the Pools section, pool tokens to increase your chances of earning an airdrop. Check out the Era Mainnet.

Step 6: Deposit and Withdraw Tokens

Under the Pool section, click new position, choose pool type and tokens, and deposit the desired amount. Track your $SYNC tokens in the “Reward” tab.

Step 7: Complete SyncSwap Quests on Layer 3

On the Layer3 website, connect your wallet, complete the verification captcha, and finish all the quests under “SyncSwap on zkSync.”

Step 8: Join the SyncSwap Guild

Visit the Guild website, connect your wallet, join the SyncSwap Guild, and gain access to various roles based on certain requirements.


While SyncSwap hasn’t disclosed any information regarding upcoming airdrops, actively engaging with its testnet activities can potentially improve your chances for a prospective airdrop. The cost of participating in these tasks is minimal, and you can easily complete them using the testnet tokens only. However, it may be beneficial to consider utilizing some real funds to enhance your eligibility for the airdrop.

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