Welcome amazing new CoinStats Midas product line, as well as features such as DeFi tracking, NFT activity aggregator, and smart alert system!

On November 14th, CoinStats Team held a live event Supernova Fall to celebrate a batch of new essential products that have made CoinStats a place where all crypto worlds collide. CoinStats founder and CEO Narek Gevorgyan hosted many industry leaders and had numerous discussions with them. Special guests from Zen Academy, SushiSwap, Polygon, Fantom, NFT God, and Metaverse HQ contributed insights that made the event a big success.

The features introduced at the event were:

  1. CoinStats Midas
  2. DeFi Tracking
  3. NFT Floor Price Alert
  4. NFT Collection Tracking
  5. Import Wallet

CoinStats Midas

CoinStats Midas is a brand new CoinStats product aimed at helping NFT investors make better decisions. It is a one-of-a-kind monitoring tool that aggregates NFT buying activity. By doing that, it produces perceptive insights, empowering users to follow the best-performing wallets in real time. 

CoinStats Midas

Gradually getting smarter, the algorithm leverages on-chain activity data to select the most ROI-positive wallets to follow. Users that opt in will receive alerts about best-performing wallets’ collective NFT purchases. Created in partnership with Zen Academy, the algorithm uses all the available information on collections and user preferences to filter out the NFT market noise. With CoinStats Midas, users will really get “the Midas touch,” gain a competitive edge, and never miss the next big NFT trend.

DeFi Tracking

Another feature introduced at the event was DeFi Tracking. With this addition, CoinStats became the only all-in-one place to securely track all fungible and non-fungible crypto assets: CeFi, DeFi, and NFTs. Users can now track all their on-chain activity on CoinStats. The platform supports over 1,000+ protocols & 10+ chains.

Floor Price Alert

The third feature, Floor Price Alert, enables users to near-instantly receive NFT collection floor price alerts on their mobile devices based on custom conditions.

NFT Collection Tracking

The final addition presented in the CoinStats Supernova Fall event was NFT Collection Tracking. Users can now browse their favorite NFT collections, discover newly-released NFT collections, and keep an eye on the movements in the NFT market.

Import Wallet

From now on, you can import your MetaMask or any other DeFi Wallet to CoinStats Wallet. All you need to do is typing your seed phrase or private keys. It’s that simple!

CoinStats CEO Narek Gevorgyan spoke about the Supernova Fall event:

“Supernova Fall event marked a very important beginning: CoinStats’ venture into the on-chain data analytics field. We believe there is a lot of uncharted territory with smart algorithmic tools that help users navigate the NFT space to their advantage without compromising on the user experience. We are aiming to save our users’ time by filtering out the market noise and leaving them with the data necessary to make swift and accurate decisions.

And all the while, of course, we remain on course to become the “one app to rule them all” when it comes to tracking and managing all crypto assets. DeFi Tracking is a significant addition in that sense.” 

CoinStats is introducing the aforementioned products and features in order to make itself a one-stop hub for CeFi and DeFi investment portfolio management. 

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